For many years TAYLORMAID has been looking after my housekeeping needs. I look forward to every visit with 'my' girls as they are always so warm and friendly and willing to help me out with any little requests I may have. They always take a few minutes of their time to play with my little dog, and on occasion give him treats.

The house always looks and smells so fresh and clean after a visit from 'my' girls. I look forward to continuing my relationship with TAYLORMAID for many more years to come.


A longtime client


I searched on the internet and found TAYLORMAID and I am so glad that we did. They sent an absolutely stellar team to our cottage!!! They were both amazing, my family and I could not get over how hard they worked, how detailed they were, how professional and just how good on all levels! The cottage and the cabin are totally clean, the windows are clean, the floors are clean, the counters, the window sills, the ceiling name it, a mop, cloth or duster hit it! Thank you so much!

The Bennetts

Cottage opening / move-in clean


Those girls deserve a medal! They walked into quite the place and it was spectacular when they left. It smelled and looked so fresh


Move-out clean